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Admission Process



Usually, an application for admission to program is sent when an inquiry is made by or on behalf of a prospective consumer. Upon receipt of the completed application and supporting documentation, the individual is invited to an interview or meeting with the program director. A major consideration at that point is the demonstration of the

desire to explore new horizons and to become as independent as possible.

1. A phone call is received from the referral source.

2. A tour of the program is set up. Guest(s) are presented with a slide show, given a tour of D’Vine Path facilities and program site, and given a brochure. A description of the services and entry requirements for all programs is also available. Prospective consumer and/or family members are consulted as to what they would like to accomplish and where they would most benefit in the program.

3. After the tour, information is collected and a complimentary evaluation is set up.

4. The prospective consumer’s referral information packet is requested from Regional Center, including:

     * Emergency Information

     *Current medical evaluation (within past 12 months)


    *Current psychological evaluation (within past 5 years)


    *Current IPP


    *Previous program/work history


    *Social history


5. Complimentary evaluation is conducted.

*The prospective consumer should experience a typical day at the facility or worksite, including exposure to paid work, if feasible. Direct Support Staff and coordinator make observations. Forms used center around the following areas:

Ability to follow instructions                       Grooming /hygiene(independent toileting, other self‐care skills)

Ability to stay on task                                 Safety awareness

Initiative and productivity                           Behavior

Physical coordination and endurance            Flexibility to change

Communication skills                                   Ability to stay with group in community

Socialization skills


*Observations are made during both structured program time and supervised breaks/lunches.


6. After the evaluation, a placement review form is sent to prospective consumer and significant others as notification of whether or not the program can meet the prospective consumer’s needs. One or more of the management staff makes the decision with input from the supervisor(s) and observer(s). If the prospective consumer’s needs can be met, the prospective consumer will be placed on a waiting list. If the prospective consumer’s needs cannot be met, the prospective consumer, family and service coordinator will be notified.


7. A prospective consumer from the waiting list is selected when opening is beneficial for that consumer. The analyzing of our program’s current instructor‐to‐consumer ratio and distribution of challenging behaviors is one consideration, which determines if an opening is beneficial for prospective consumer.


8. Appropriate paperwork is sent to family and/or an appointment is set up to help family with paperwork for entry into program.


9. Finished paperwork is sent to Regional Center to start funding. The consumer cannot start until the authorization has been received by D’Vine Path.


10. When the funding source finishes its process, program receives a start date.


11. The new consumer, the referral source, and significant others (if applicable) are called to arrange a start date.


12. The new consumer begins program and orientation process.