Supported Employment

Students who complete a full year of the  Viticulture and Hospitality Program will  have the opportunity to become a trainee with a Job Coach at a local business. 

To promote diversity and inclusion, trainees receive work experience in integrated training environments that include both persons with and without disabilities.  Trainees have both service-related and non-service related social interaction with people who have typical development. During their program, each trainee will have the opportunity to intern at Batali Ranch once a week to provide hands on office training in phone skills and light office duties.



Batali Ranch has offered unsubsidized employment to four former participants of a partnering work program resulting in the hiring of two part-time employees; demonstrating the success of the program strategies and commitment to increasing employment opportunities for people with special needs. The newly hired employees work in an integrated environment. Inclusion benefits both the employees with developmental and/or learning disabilities and typical development in that it teaches them new perspectives and communication strategies, strengthens team work, and increases customer service skills by expanding understanding of different customer needs. Participants are engaged in work and social environments that include employees and community members from diverse backgrounds, religions, race, age, and gender. 


*Disclaimer: D'Vine Path does not guarantee employment to any of its participants.