Eligibility Criteria

All on-site activities are based on a working ranch where there will be sharp tools and heavy equipment. To ensure a safe and successful environment for both the students, facilitators and support staff, we ask that all candidates meet the following criteria:

  • has an intellectual and/or developmental disabilitiy

  • is a consumer of the Regional Center

  • can achieve IPP goals

  • is at least 18 years old

  • is able to perform personal care (feeding and toileting) independently

  • is medically stable and is able to attend program on a regular basis

  • is ambulatory due to active ranch conditions that have hills, uneven terrain and gravel roads.

  • has the cognitive ability to participate in the curriculum and activities to include following multiple step directions, reading at kindergarten grade level/or ability to recognize sight words and follow safety protocols.

  • does not require an individual aid to participate in the activities

  • maintains a level of behaviors in the emotional domain such that the candidate can be fully included in the variety of activities that are offered in the program design

  • does not possess aggressive behaviors that frequently disrupt activities

  • does not possess aggressive behaviors including, but not limited to, threatening injury to persons or property, verbal and physical bullying, hitting, biting, kicking, slapping, throwing, pinching, pulling hair, spitting, stealing or breaking objects, furniture of windows

  • does not possess self-injurious behaviors including, but are not limited to, head-hitting, head-banging, and self-biting.

  • does not run away

  • must fill out a D'Vine Path application, Parent Notes Form and be interviewed.

Intake Process:

1. Inform your adult child's San Diego Regional Center caseworker

or Department of Rehabilitation counselor

he/she wants to attend D'Vine Path, Inc.

2. Arrange a tour on-site and interview by calling 949-233-6515.

3. If, after the tour and interview, we feel it is an appropriate placement,

 please click the PDF below to print and fill out application to mail to us.

4. Your application will go on our wait list.

5. When a space opens up we will call you to start the in-take process.