Life Skills

The D'Vine Path Life I Can Program offers life skills training for high functioning adults on the spectrum, Asperger's Syndrome and other mild learning disabilities who have aged out of the high school (age 18 and over).


The students attend our 2 year long program training in life skills, self advocacy and empowerment through agriculture including viticulture, hospitality and the arts.  The students learn proper life skills to help overcome barriers to promote a healthy and more balanced lifestyle through weekly expert guest speakers and off-site field trips to other farms, ranches and vineyards.

From our experience, one or two years is NOT enough time to help some students take social barriers down.

Students  who exit our 2 year program now have the option to continue the program indefinitely in a concurrent class. Those who feel they don’t need D’Vine Path social training support anymore can ‘graduate’ in two years.


Behavioral Health

- Students “adopt” a row of vines learning how to personally care for their  

  plants giving them a sense of ownership and purpose.

- Students must relinquish their headphones or devices at the beginning of

  each class until the end to promote focus and attention to presentations

  and to each other.


D'Vine Path uses expert licensed mental health and fitness professionals to educate and train our students to maintain good health practices to prevent or control disease and/or prevent injury.

- A licensed Nutritionist educates our  

  students on proper eating, helps

  organize a food and nutrition plan by

  utilizing a food diary, and help

  promote healthy eating habits to

  prevent illness.

- A licensed Personal Trainer delivers safe,

  effective, fun and interesting

  workouts to all our students, as well as
  teach everyday fitness for easy


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