This week at D'Vine Path...

Gardening 101 with Michelle, all about Mammals, our new Holland Lop bunny Lola, Restorative Yoga, and a graduation ceremony... A fun-filled week at D'Vine Path! Our gardening guru Michelle Compton gave us a great Gardening 101 lesson on how to transplant seedlings, and how to tell if your plants are stressed out. We welcomed a new bunny friend to the D'Vine Path family. Lola is a 3-year old Holland Lop who we have already begun spoiling! In honor of Lola, we spent the week learning about animal care, as well as the characteristics of a mammal. At the Country Feed Shop in Vista, we learned all about farm animals and how to care for them! We also got to celebrate 5 wonderful students who are graduating into their next D'Vine Path programs! Congratulations to Marina Kroeger, Jennifer DiMuzio, Andrew Lilly, Luke Victor and James Fitzmaurice. All well-deserved promotions!

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