This week at the Ranch...

Fallbrook Winery, Titration experiments, cover cropping, rainy holiday crafts, circuit training and Boomers! What a fun and educational week here at the Ranch. The students took a field trip to 300-acre Fallbrook Winery for a peak into their bottling process and their different vine-training strategies. Mike and Tom led another Titration experiment, where the students are greatly improving their skills and knowledge as scientists vintners. Both LEAFF and Cordon students planted cover crop seeds with hopes that this upcoming rain will bring luscious cover crops this spring! The students escaped the rain and got to create a variety of fun holiday crafts in Lisa Fitzmaurice's cozy home. On Wednesday, both programs exercised their muscles, cardiovascular health and coordination during our morning circuit training course. We ended the week with a fun social at Boomers, where they go-karted, played laser tag and mini-golfed the night away.

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