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D'Vine Path strives to meet the space, encouragement, and education needed to learn social skills, proper behavior and etiquette, healthy nutrition, physical fitness, self-advocacy, and employability. Our model of multi-dimensional teaching works and the success of all our special students is evident. Since its inception, D'Vine Path's enrollment has expanded to twenty-eight students, impacting over nine hundred people throughout the county of San Diego. Seventy-one percent of our participants have found part-time or full-time employment. 100% of our participants have achieved healthy and meaningful relationships and know with confidence that they can live their lives with endless possibilities.

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to find our PERMANENT home on an 8-acre ranch located at 4735 Olive Hill Road in Fallbrook and moved the program here in March of 2022.

In the midst of classes, we are also remodeling, restructuring, building, maintaining and expanding. Your donations not only provide us the ability to do that, but it also helps tend to our animals, purchase needed program items and supplies, hire expert consultants to teach our students, as well as expand upon and add additional programs to D'Vine Path. 


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Your donations make a DIRECT IMPACT to our program and our students!

D'Vine Path is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. TAX ID# 83-0790460
Your donation is tax-deductible. 

David & Samantha Back

Dawn & Sean Luddy

Dave & Luisa Thompson

William Hard

Robin Siemens

Lisa Miller

Linda Ramm

Eric & Terese Roenker

Andrew Towell - In memory of Dean Henry

Becky Zubec

David Burke

Stephanie Melvin

Fallbrook Regional Health District
Bonsall Rotary Club
Gene & Brenda Batali

Bradley Griswold

Georgiana Miller

Timothy Scoggins

Jerri Patchett

Carol Hannay

Erin Chauvapun

Mary Villegas

Linda Ramm

Karen ODonnell

Bradley Griswold

Jeanne DeBenedictis

Pol & Sallie Lingad

Jim & Vicky Lee

Tony Rubino

Georgiana Miller

Edna Geracitano

Diane Jansen

Rachel Deckert

Benjamin Venouziou

Kerrin McGuire

Bradley Griswold

Patricia Dawson

Rosanne Dean

Jerri Patchett

Larry Cox

Dave & Luisa Thompson

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