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About D'Vine Path


D'Vine Path was founded by Executive Director, Lenila Batali. As a mother with someone with Autism, Lenila was fueled by her own experience to create an organization that services adults living with disabilities.

"I would like the world to know that we have created a safe place for our special population; a place where they can learn to be the best they can be and be, with friends that truly care."

The prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among adults aged 18 and older in the United States is estimated at over 5.4 million with the national unemployment rate of those diagnosed with ASD at 85%. ASD is the most common disability according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention. In addition to that, approximately 6.5 million people in the United States live with intellectual disabilities (ID). 

MISSION: D'Vine Path's mission is to transform neurodivergent people's lives by providing dynamic vocational and life skills training in agriculture, hospitality, and the arts.

VISION: To Empower people of all abilities by giving their lives meaning, purpose, and joy.


D’Vine Path was designed to help adults with intellectual disabilities (ID), developmental and/or learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), bridge the social and cultural barriers that can have a negative impact on their physical health, mental health, and employability. 

To facilitate this and fulfill our mission, D'Vine Path offers programs that are designed to help individuals identify, develop, and achieve their goals while seeking opportunities to advance their education, employment, life skills, health, and well-being. D'Vine Path prioritizes social skills, independence, autonomy, and life skills in all of its programs and encourages kinesthetic learning, which combines visual learning, and auditory learning with hands-on learning. Each program offers expert guest speakers, specialized workshops, and academic curriculum in their perspective topic. Programs are adjusted to serve each individual's level of ability.

Since its inception, D'Vine Path's enrollment has expanded to twenty-eight students, impacting over nine hundred people throughout the county of San Diego. Seventy-one percent of our participants have found part-time or full-time employment. One hundred percent of our participants have achieved healthy and meaningful relationships and know with confidence that they can live their lives with endless possibilities.





  • D'Vine Path becomes a recognized 501(c)3 organization - as a socializing and training program for students with intellectual disabilities aging out of high school that offers programs aimed at cultivating healthy lifestyles, medical literacy, community-based relationship development, vocational infrastructure, and solutions to rural issues regarding transportation.

  • D'Vine Path recognized by Senator Joel Anderson

  • D'Vine Path recognized by California's 75th District's  Assemblywoman Marie Waldron 

  • D'Vine Path recognized by the California Department of Apprenticeship Standards as the California standard for people with disabilities in an Apprenticeship and on-the-job training program

  • D'Vine Path curriculum was approved by Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) Local Education Agency (LEA), making our program the California's state standard for people with disabilities in Viticulture Training.

  • Approved as a vendor for the San Diego Regional Center


  • D'Vine path was approved as a vendor with the Department of Rehabilitation

  • Voted Non-Profit of the Year by the city of Fallbrook's Chamber of Commerce


  • San Diego Regional Center approves "D'Vine Path Art Studios" a new program designed by Executive Director - Lenila Batali, Lead Facilitator - Serena Batali, and 2021 Board President - Sandy Anderson to help artists identify, develop, and achieve their vocational goals, and explore opportunities in the art industry for lifelong learning while enhancing self-competence, independence, and entrepreneurship.

  • Contracted a weekly Social Etiquette Training from SEEDS​


  • D'Vine Path relocates to permanent program location - 4735 Olive Hill Road in Fallbrook, CA.

  • Fallbrook Ribbon Cutting Event

Art Studios students

Art Studios students present their artwork in the DVP Art Gallery


Jennifer, one of D'Vine Path's students with Lola

2022 Harvest

2022 Harvest. Andrew, DVP Trellis student netting our vines.

LEAFF student, Tiana

Horticulture - LEAFF student, Tiana showing off the D'Vine Path gardens


Our culinary students and facilitator Dianna presenting their array of dishes to be served at the 2022 Soiree

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