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Life Skills Training

A friendly safe space for individuals to build relationships,

practice social etiquette and real-time life skills.


Life Skills Training 

Every Thursday evening from 6:30 - 9:00 pm at D'Vine Path Farm and Vineyards or off-campus local venues

Our success in life is greatly determined by our social skills. We often take this for granted.  People with disabilities have a harder time picking up natural social cues. In this Life Skills Group, the students are taught in a kinesthetic manner. This means that student interactions are learned in a social environment.

They learn how to converse appropriately and build friendships in a group setting with 3 trained facilitators supervising. It will include real-time social skills training, relationship building, communication training at either the ranch or during activities to local venues such as the mall, beach, park, etc.

Trained mentor staff will be facilitating all Life Skills Group activities.​

The Life Skills Group is an integrated in all of D'Vine Path's offered programs.

$5.00 for homemade meal, locally sourced food ingredients created by Chef Dianna and students.

All off-site activity expenses are to be paid by attendee. 

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