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Our Programs

D'Vine Path consists of five different programs:


1. The Farm to Table Life Skills Program

  • Cordon


2. D'Vine Path Art Studios

3. The Culinary Journey

4. Trellis Viticulture Program


In order to create a holistic individual growth experience, D'Vine Path prioritizes social skills, independence, autonomy, and life skills in all curriculums.  Each program offers expert guest speakers, specialized workshops and academic curriculum in their current topic. D'Vine Path encourages kinesthetic learning, which combines visual or "book" learning, and auditory learning with hands-on learning. Programs are adjusted to serve each student's level of ability.

All our programs are designed to help individuals identify, develop, and achieve their goals while exploring opportunities to advance their education, employment, life skills, health, and well-being. D'Vine Path will actively seek and support work opportunities for its students in the arts, agriculture, viticulture, and hospitality industries. 

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See the link below to apply or receive more information about our programs. For any questions, please feel free to contact us at
(760) 626-6116

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