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Jill Foley

Jill Foley


Jill joins the D’Vine Path family as LEAFF Director with a variety of experience as an Intensive Behavior Intervention Behavior Specialist. She has over 10 years experience working in Behavior Intervention. Her goal is to support adults with special needs as they develop their daily living skills and help to improve their behavioral and peer relationships as they find their pathway to independence. Jill resides in Fallbrook with her husband and three adult children, one with ASD and developmental disabilities. Jill was able to homeschool her children throughout their education, which provided her with the opportunity to discover the best ways to support this population and help them to achieve their goals. Jill also ran an organic farm for several years while raising her family.

With training and certificates in First Aid, CPR, AED and Epi-pen as well as fluency in CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) non-verbal communication, Jill has a wide array of skills that she is excited to offer to the program.

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