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Kelly McKelvey

Kelly McKelvey

Floral Designer / Facilitator

Kelly is the Program Sales Director at D’Vine Path and she joined the team in 2022 after working in the floral industry for 30 years.

A successful entrepreneur, lifelong advocate and dedicated mentor, Kelly has an endless array of skills she uses to help D’Vine Path grow. She spent 17 years working at Major Market as the floral manager and lead designer, and she also ran her own floral design business called Chubby Chix Floral Adventures for nine years. Before that, she homeschooled her two sons and became the first Homeschool PTA President in the nation.

She has worked closely with the disabled community since she was a teenager as a volunteer in multiple different programs, such as theater groups, high school workability programs, Care Rite, Jeremiah’s Ranch and more.

At D’Vine Path, Kelly has the opportunity to merge her many passions while educating her students. She looks forward to the opening of D’Vine Petal at D’Vine Path, a floral business in collaboration with all of the students. She also is excited to continue watching the staff and students grow together and empower one another.

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