We love to hear from proud parents, accomplished students and satisfied staff who have reaped the benefits of this magical ranch.



"Finally a program designed to enrich, educate, and empower my child. D’Vine Path’s program offers so many options and flexibility it truly meets the needs of my child and so many others. They empower my son to lead a full, independent, and productive life. It sincerely has the feel of a family away from home. I know this program is going to continue to grow and impact so many lives like it has for my family." 


—  Lisa Fitzmaurice, Parent



Vegetable Garden

I have been at D’Vine path for almost a year. It has been helping me make new friends and learning about plants, hospitality/viticulture and grapevines. Also learning about making friendships, doing resumes and job fairs/mock interviews.

—  Kaylee Rickles, Student



"My experience working at D’Vine Path has been unlike any other. I have been lucky enough to work for this organization since August of 2020, and everyday I learn something more about myself and those around me. Originally, I was hired as the Media Coordinator, but since then I have also begun teaching American Sign Language and working as a Facilitator. The staff at D’Vine Path is extraordinary to say the least, they are all kind, generous, and constantly working to improve the program for the students. They work tirelessly day after day to create a healthy, positive environment, and whoever walks onto the property feels the love and acceptance that D’Vine Path offers.


My experience working one-on-one with the students has been life changing, I feel very lucky that I have had the opportunity to watch these students grow. I was able to watch as a student who struggles communicating found her voice through music, I have been able to witness a semi nonverbal student communicate through ASL, and I have been lucky enough to witness all the students grow tremendously in a few short months. Every day, the students learn from the facilitators, their peers, and their environment. The students at D’Vine Path find themselves at this program, whether it's in the vineyard or the gardens or at the socials, they find themselves and they are able to share their true selves with others without fear of judgement.


D’Vine Path is life changing for our students, but it is also life changing for everyone whose life is touched by it. Working at D’Vine Path has helped me find myself, and I have been able to work towards becoming the person I’m meant to become. My career goals have changed, my life goals have changed, and I have changed for the better as a result of my experience at D’Vine Path. I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had at D’Vine Path, and I hope that everyone is lucky enough to find their own “D’Vine Path” someday. "

—  Christal Gaines, Media Coordinator/Facilitator